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Murickens Group,an ISO certified :9001-2015

Murickens Group is an ISO Certified firm, accredited by the United Accreditation Foundation (UAF) - USA. In 2000, we stepped into the solar energy field. We have different Registered Trade Marks: MG, Flyline, Murickens, and Murickens Group. Our products have various international quality approvals like ISO 9001-2015 certifications, MNRE approvals,central power research institute approval, RESCO grading, CARE rating, etc. Murickens Group received an outstanding achievement award in 2018 from the Honorable Governor.

Murickens Group,an ISO certified credit and quality rated company since 1975, is a pioneer in the field of freezer manufacturing.The Most Popular and Trusted Dead Body freezer manufacture in India.Our company has developed different models of freezers(for mortuary purpose) with latest technologies and international quality standards .By using high quality spires and compressor we promise you a trouble free performance for a long time.

We have verities of single and multi layered freezers, for high tech hospitals and preserve units. They have fixed units of ten and above chambers and are controlled by a single compressor. Even there are many chambers, we can use each chamber independently we have different capacities of freezers for food preservation also. MG have an array of power saving electronics ,electrical and solar products

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Business achievement Award

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Renewable energy promotion Award

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MATRIKA Malayali Award of the business

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